Cinelink Release History

Player 1.5.0 (Monday, April 08, 2019)

  • release_add.png Added -  support for Thai subtitles [CL-1692]
  • release_add.png Added - the currently selected Time Zone to the diagnostics information [CL-1695]
  • release_add.png Added - Created a keyboard command to reset the current screen resolution on boot up [CL-1694]
  • release_change.png Changed - Aspera authentication port from 22 to the standard port 33001 for improved security [CL-1701]
  • release_change.png Changed - Improved software updates to happen automatically if the screen is not connected [CL-1697]
  • release_change.png Changed - Improved the error message displayed when unable to set the resolution [CL-1700]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Resolution changes to a different Refresh Rate from selected [CL-1699]

Player 1.1.1 (Wednesday, October 21, 2015)

  • release_add.png Added - Device configuration value for frequency of operation configuration checks and SSL update checks [CL-1598]
  • release_add.png Added - Resume playback from the last position in the video [CL-1587]
  • release_change.png Changed - Ignore SSL time-based errors if current system date is earlier than 2014 [CL-1585]
  • release_change.png Changed - Make ESC key function as cancel on List Input Dialog (ex: Audio selection) [CL-1537]
  • release_fix.png Fixed -  A new device name is assigned to a USB drive each time it is plugged in [CL-1410]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Content is not updated after older version of the content has been transferred from USB [CL-1532]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Device Diagnostics page cuts off text after a special char [CL-1197]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Intermittent freeze during content playback [CL-1579]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Newly sealed box fails to download content [CL-1555]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Revoked content with partial download does not get removed after software update [CL-1298]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - UI loses focus when network is disconnected and a popup is visible in Network Settings [CL-1346]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - When switching from USB transfers to online downloads, the content transfer does not start from the beginning [CL-1479]

Player 1.0.13 (Friday, June 26, 2015)

  • release_add.png Added - 5.1 Dolby surround sound [CL-1384]
  • release_add.png Added - Configuration fields are now included in the API calls [VESTB-291]
  • release_add.png Added - Download progress for Aspera transfers is now sent to back office server [CL-1168]
  • release_add.png Added - EDID information included in the device diagnostic information [CL-1172]
  • release_add.png Added - Software update override code feature [CL-1188]
  • release_add.png Added - Test Download button on the Device Diagnostics page to allow client-invoked testing of download process [CL-1211]
  • release_add.png Added - USB support for ingesting Swank-provided content, licenses, configs, and software updates [CL-1293, CL-1301, CL-1302, CL-1160]
  • release_change.png Changed - Changed network connectivity test from "ping" to a REST API call [CL-1201]
  • release_change.png Changed - Clarified and improved quality of logging messages [CL-1448]
  • release_change.png Changed - Disabled "sub" button on remote to address a freezing playback issue caused by the button's action [CL-1199]
  • release_change.png Changed - Font size improvements for different display types [CL-1210]
  • release_change.png Changed - Improvements to device shutdown steps
  • release_change.png Changed - Changed - Nudge content and license download background tasks when device is connected to a network [CL-1345]
  • release_change.png Changed - Removed unnecessary client-side setting for Aspera transfers [CL-1451]
  • release_change.png Changed - Restrict content playback to protected content only [CL-1198]
  • release_change.png Changed - Software updates are improved and able to recover after an update failure [CL-1275]
  • release_change.png Changed - Updated the About screen to include support email address [CL-1209]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Carousel sometimes will not render poster artwork when a large number of titles are in the list (typically 17+ titles) [CL-1203]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Device Diagnostics are sometimes not being transmitted to Swank [CL-1204]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Moved the device activation setting to a separate file to reduce the chance of losing the activation setting [CL-1259]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Network download fixes [CL-1303]

Player 0.23.0 (Wednesday, April 29, 2015)

  • release_fix.png Fixed - Content downloads are not working in some networks [CL-1303]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Send to Swank button in software is not working [CL-1204]

Player 0.18.351 (Wednesday, February 18, 2015)

  • release_add.png Added - New "grace period" to license rules, allowing playback to begin up to three hours beyond the license end date [CL-1171]
  • release_change.png Changed - Security improvements to underlying operating system [CL-23 & CL-1119]
  • release_change.png Changed - Synchronize device's date/time with Swank during routine calls. (Not the same as time zone.) [CL-1179]
  • release_change.png Changed - Updated quality of the logo on content carousel [CL-1126 & CL-1083]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Content carousel in UI is sometimes unresponsive when network connectivity is missing [CL-1148]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - General improvements to UI "on focus" events [CL-623]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - HDCP communication improvements [CL-1077]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Manually assigning network settings sometimes caused DNS resolutions to fail [CL-1161]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Navigation in the UI should not be allowed during device activation [CL-1153]

Player 0.17.341 (Wednesday, February 04, 2015)

  • release_add.png Added - NTFS support of external drive recognition
  • release_change.png Changed - TPM security implementations
  • release_fix.png Fixed - HDCP detection and key passing
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Jaggedness of CineLink logo in certain areas