DMP Release History

Version 8.2.6509.31792 (Tuesday, January 16, 2018)

  • release_change.png Changed – Adjusted schedule import logic to allow for overlaps in imported schedules [DMP-805]

Version 8.2.6156.18969  (Tuesday, November 08, 2016)

  • release_add.png Added - Standardized code workflows for continuous integration and deployments (** non-functional change) [DMP-745]
  • release_change.png Changed - Improve logic for deleting videos from disk [DMP-785]
  • release_change.png Changed - Refactoring of IValueConverter usages to make it more self-documenting (** non-functional change) [DMP-762]
  • release_change.png Changed - Adjusted date/time format of CSV schedule export to an agnostic structure of YYYY-MM-DD [DMP-755]
  • release_change.png Changed - Replaced Microsoft Unit Test runners with NUnit runners (** non-functional change) [DMP-744]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Only the first schedule conflict was being logged [DMP-791]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Processing a coupon code that has an obvious invalid date range would cause an application crash [DMP-783]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Ingesting a Swank USB drive while "Aux Input" was running would give a false-positive error message [DMP-780]

Version 8.2.5870.18312  (Wednesday, January 27, 2016)

  • release_add.png Added - Official support of Intensity Pro 4K card [DMP-774]

Version 8.2.5778.15956 (Tuesday, October 27, 2015)

  • release_add.png Added - Official support of DeckLink SDI 4K card [DMP-719]
  • release_add.png Added - Hardware serial number is included with the exported log file [DMP-653]
  • release_add.png Added - Log message created when the preview window opens and closes [DMP-763]
  • release_change.png Changed - Available content displayed in the intermission list should only have currently playable content [DMP-705]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Delete intermission button always appears enabled [DMP-683]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Deleting multiple titles simultaneously leaves a single content row in UI [DMP-672]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Intermission list entries that are outside of license range have no indication that they will be skipped [DMP-705]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Renaming a content's title when it is playing is not reflected in the lower summary screen [DMP-761]

Version 8.2.5659.16127  (Tuesday, June 30, 2015)

  • release_add.png Added - Selecting an invalid image for overlay now gives an alert dialog [DMP-699]
  • release_add.png Added - Information about a Swank USB content drive is now logged when user processes drive [DMP-678]
  • release_add.png Added - UI click events in the "Preview" video player window are now clearly logged
  • release_add.png Added - Skipping intermission items because the player is outside of the content's license range is now clearly logged [DMP-717]
  • release_change.png Changed - Updated the embedded ML-MP license keys
  • release_change.png Changed - WiX installer tools upgraded to version 3.8 ( ** software build server )
  • release_change.png Changed - Installer will now purge installation directory on uninstall action
  • release_change.png Changed - Title bar in the installer UI now includes the software version number
  • release_change.png Changed - Improved stop and start logic for supportive Windows Services
  • release_change.png Changed - Duplicate bulletin names are no longer allowed [DMP-695]
  • release_change.png Changed - Reworked copy schedule forward modal to show validation errors in-line [DMP-698]
  • release_change.png Changed - A limit of 999 was set on the "End After" field in Copy Schedule Forward modal [DMP-687]
  • release_change.png Changed - Removed minimize and maximize buttons from application closing dialog [DMP-689]
  • release_change.png Changed - In the footer area of UI, font size and element spacing was improved
  • release_change.png Changed - Reduced memory footprint of older output libraries [DMP-725]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Long text that overflow in alert windows are visually hidden [DMP-700]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Confirm dialog for deleting a time change shows localization key in title (Cruise Liner only) [DMP-697]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Application crashes when adding non-image (or non-supported) file in the Bulletin Manager [DMP-676]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Trace log message is missing details when skipping a scheduled playback because Scheduler was disabled [DMP-679]
  • release_fix.png Fixed - Minor typos in trace log messages

Version 8.2.5162.13838 (Tuesday, February 18, 2014)

  • release_change.png Changed: Improvements to content security settings (deployed by installer) [DMP-709]
  • release_change.png Changed: Revved minor build number in splash image from "8.1" to "8.2" [DMP-710]
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Error thrown when using large content names [DMP-690]
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Localization of date format in "Next Up" image had en-GB value in en-US list [DMP-680]
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Application crash when opening a non-RTF file in Bulletin Manager [DMP-704]
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Some localization strings were missing [DMP-693]
  • release_fix.png Fixed: The "tail" of some lowercase characters was hidden in title field of "Next Up" image [DMP-708]
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Any *existing* scheduled item could be dragged outside its license range, but playback rules were still enforced [DMP-703]

Version 8.1.4938.21113 (Tuesday, July 09, 2013)

  • release_add.png Added: Missing localization strings and implementations (Bulletin, Next Up image)
  • release_add.png Added: Video device driver information is now included in logs
  • release_add.png Added: Seeding vendor info for potential re-branding cases
  • release_add.png Added: Seeding alternate video playback libraries for future consideration (version
  • release_change.png Changed: WiX installer tools upgraded to version 3.7
  • release_change.png Changed: Shortened interval period between content purge checks (Note: Not the same as expiry threshold)
  • release_change.png Changed: Unified more element styles into a single location
  • release_change.png Changed: Improved UI for applying a coupon code, and user may now import code from a text file
  • release_change.png Changed: Improved trace logging in broadcast libs and coupon code processing
  • release_change.png Changed: Time Change module now allows user to specify both date and time (Cruise Liner only)
  • release_change.png Changed: Removed unused libs from video output project
  • release_change.png Changed: Enlarged text within Quality Assurance image to improve readability (Cinema Player only)
  • release_change.png Changed: Improved background logic of file renaming from the "upgrade" button
  • release_change.png Changed: Elaborated a few module titles in the application (e.g. "Scheduling" changed to "Schedule Manager")
  • release_change.png Changed: Staged new interops for online PowerPoint conversion ( ** Deployed to website on August 20, 2013 )
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Some of the "Confirm" dialog implementations has enough text to cause hiding/overflow
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Trace logging was unclear in certain areas, and missing some parameter outputs
  • release_fix.png Fixed: The "Next" item in summary field is still visible after lineup ended (Cinema Player only)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Rebuilt the matching logic on movie downloads to prevent metadata duplication (Cinema Player only)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Daily maintenance of player EXE could interrupt intermission video within large gaps in schedule
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Changing machine culture affected the date/time formatting used in some trace log entries

Version 8.0.4790.24653 (Monday, February 11, 2013)

  • release_fix.png Fixed: Schedule import throws serialization error
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Content shown in "Lineup" module was not reconsidering when the date rolls over (Cinema Player only)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Under certain conditions, metadata is duplicated for similar movie downloads (Cinema Player only)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Application crashes in certain cases when reconsidering "Lineup" module after applying license extension (Cinema Player only)
  • release_change.png Changed: Repositioned some elements on Next Up image to prevent visual cramping
  • release_change.png Changed: Synopsis column datatype modified to accept unique characters
  • release_change.png Changed: Clarified existing trace logging if movie decryption fails

Version 8.0.4759.23629  (Friday, January 11, 2013)

  • release_add.png Added: Export of DMP schedule to another DMP -- Note this requires scheduled content to already exist on destination DMP
  • release_add.png Added: Alert message about WMS Publish stopping briefly when switching between local content and Aux Input
  • release_change.png Changed: Toggling "Show Synopsis" checkbox when playing Next Up intermission now refreshes image displayed
  • release_change.png Changed: Visual enhancements to Next Up image -- poster art has reflection, shifted text fields
  • release_change.png Changed: Next Up image includes the next scheduled item after the advertised content (if enabled from “Show Synopsis”)
  • release_change.png Changed: Condensed the Schedule tab UI slightly
  • release_change.png Changed: Toast notifications now include the DMP software icon
  • release_change.png Changed: Improved trace logging on many background tasks and complex processes
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Movie art on USB drives should be inspected for proper type and structure
  • release_fix.png Fixed: App shutdown warning not showing "Next Up" verbiage when that intermission is playing
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Loading custom content is not assigning a value to the "InsertedOn" field in database
  • release_fix.png Fixed: The "Please insert Swank drive" message was still visible while processing a USB drive
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Toast for the last film decrypted/loaded is quickly replaced by the "drive completed" toast

Version 8.0.4715.25948 (Wednesday, November 28, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Capturing details about all desktop displays found during app startup
  • release_add.png Added: System tray icon, plus "toast" notifications on progress of long-running tasks (Ex: USB update drive processing)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Clear DRM Cache button throws an error (Cinema Player only)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Quality Assurance playback is not evaluating correctly against business rules (Cinema Player only)
  • release_change.png Changed: Swank early window content is now added as "new" in Content Library, instead of replacing duplicates (Cinema Player only)
  • release_change.png Changed: Added more logging to background Windows services
  • release_change.png Changed: Additional trapping/handling for Windows service shutdowns and startups
  • release_change.png Changed: Continued merging more style definitions into single location
  • release_change.png Changed: The warning message field when adding custom content is now hidden
  • release_change.png Changed: Disabled some resolution/refresh combinations that are incompatible with some BlackMagic hardware
  • release_change.png Changed: Slight reposition of controls in "Video Settings" tab to prevent hiding on 1024x768 resolution

Version 8.0.4687.23721 (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

  • release_fix.png Fixed: Playback rules for pre-home video content is incorrect (Cinema Player only)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: The "Today's Schedule" view now refreshes whenever a date/time change is executed by the DMP software
  • release_change.png Changed: Shortened interval period between content purge checks (Note: Not the same as the expiry threshold)
  • release_change.png Changed: Logging messages improved on background services

Version 8.0.4653.26082 (Thursday, September 27, 2012)

  • release_change.png Changed: Hotfix for adding films to intermission playlist
  • release_change.png Changed: Refactored "Add Custom Content" workflow with new modals
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Currently playing content in Cinema Player does not stop when the app shuts down
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Clearing the DRM cache during lineup playback is not causing relevant buttons in content library to reconsider
  • release_fix.png Fixed: "Play Now" and "Delete" buttons are not being reconsidered on content playback starts and stops
  • release_add.png Added: Missing localization strings for Lineup in Cinema Player

Version 8.0.4646.30576 (Thursday, September 20, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: New "auxiliary input" intermission type
  • release_add.png Added: Clear DRM Cache button (Cinema Player only)
  • release_change.png Changed: Popup windows for true modal forms
  • release_change.png Changed: Correction to DeckLink SDI hardware detection from broadcast platform libraries
  • release_change.png Changed: Improved trace logging
  • release_change.png Changed: Upgraded broadcast platform libraries to
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Lineup re-ordering sometimes leaving orphaned rows behind (Cinema Player only)
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Various UI state change bugs

Version 8.0.4601.26942 (Monday, August 06, 2012)

  • release_fix.png FIxed: Hotfix for Cinema Player module initialization

Version 8.0.4597.23538 (Thursday, August 02, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Bulletin Board feature in "Intermission" module
  • release_add.png Added: PowerPoint to WMV online converter -- Only in "Standard" and "Cinema Player" app modes, Internet connection required
  • release_add.png Added: Audio volume control (except Cinema Players)
  • release_add.png Added: Software icon in "Programs and Features" list
  • release_add.png Added: FilmFormat and FilmVersion fields are now included in CSV schedule exports
  • release_add.png Added: User-entered "alias" on Settings module now shows in footer of UI
  • release_change.png Changed: Software installer does a check to prevent installs on older 5-, 6-, and 7-series players
  • release_change.png Changed: Shortened header height in UI to improve look on lower resolutions
  • release_change.png Changed: Minor verbiage corrections
  • release_change.png Changed: Upgraded broadcast platform libraries to
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Sub-navigation menus sometimes not being swapped properly
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Minor stability fixes and improvements

Version 8.0.4520.14150 (Thursday, May 17, 2012)

  • release_fix.png Fixed: Hotfix for preview window not showing the output video stream

Version 8.0.4519.23335 (Wednesday, May 16, 2012)

  • release_fix.png Fixed: Time change
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Error in delay calculation for periodic submission of logs

Version 8.0.4506.3720 (Thursday, May 03, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Enhancements to schedule import logic
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Rare case that caused playback to pause at end of video

Version 8.0.4499.27522 (Thursday, April 26, 2012)

  • release_change.png Changed: Show more info on schedule import collisions from Swank content drive

Version 8.0.4492.30457 (Thursday, April 19, 2012)

  • release_fix.png Fixed: More unique bugs with USB content ingest logic
  • release_add.png Added: Export schedule to CSV

Version 8.0.4485.27402 (Thursday, April 12, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Security enhancements
  • release_change.png Changed: Modified download service to fetch runtime when manifest file has a "zero" runtime (Cinema Player only)
  • release_change.png Changed: Restored "Import Schedule" button
  • release_change.png Changed: Clarified wording in lower "Up Next" field when schedule is disabled
  • release_fix.png Fixed: "NextUp" image not drawing in certain unique cases

Version 8.0.4442.24534 (Wednesday, February 29, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Capability to add "Up Next" image to intermission playlist
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Drag/drop items on schedule list

Version 8.0.4423.24246 (Friday, February 10, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Some previously missing localized strings
  • release_change.png Changed: Improvements with copy forward collision detection
  • release_change.png Changed: Coupon code logic enhanced

Version 8.0.4412.30055 (Monday, January 30, 2012)

  • release_change.png Changed: Implemented business rules on Cinema Player license evaluation logic
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Lineup visibility on smaller resolutions to prevent controls being pushed outside of bounds
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Dialog visibility issues

Version 8.0.4405.26598 (Monday, January 23, 2012)

  • release_fix.png Fixed: USB updater issue

Version 8.0.4402.31383 (Friday, January 20, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Export schedule to iCal now allows date range
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Audio/Video sync issue

Version 8.0.4395.30656 (Monday, January 16, 2012)

  • release_add.png Added: Onboard logo to UI in "CruiseLiner" mode
  • release_add.png Added: Cinema Player application mode
  • release_change.png Changed: Bug Fixes for Updater
  • release_change.png Changed: Upgraded broadcast platform libraries to
  • release_change.png Changed: More advanced recovery when player terminates
  • release_change.png Changed: Time change module
  • release_change.png Changed: Enhanced tracing and logging
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Adding scheduled items from a delete
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Process recycler bugs
  • release_fix.png Fixed: Various scheduling bugs