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Digital Campus portals that are secured via IP restrictions may also be configured to use a proxy, such as EZProxy, to allow students access to the portal even when off-site. Are you looking for content links? Check out our Content Manager to export direct watch links, links for your CMS and more! Here's a quick video reviewing link settings in Digital Campus:


In order to acquire a license to play content back, the following DNS resolution must be permitted through the network and proxy:

URLIP Address

173 ( after 7/28/2020)

URL and Mode

The Link Settings page in the Digital Campus portal specifies the address of the proxy server and defines whether the proxy is done by port (the destination url is a port passed to the proxy) or by host name (the destination host name is appended with the proxy name). There are three different types of links based on the choices of host name, proxy by port and proxy by host name settings.