Share Content Links

1. In the Content Catalog, search for a title.

2. Select a title by clicking on the title's image. Check the "Licensed through" date to ensure that the content will be available through the class or assignment date.

3. Select a button to copy a content link:

           (a) Click Copy Direct Link to share content via email.

           (b) Click Copy LMS Link to insert the link into your campus Learning Management System.


4.  You will receive a message that the link was copied to a clipboard.

5. Paste the link in your email or add it to your Learning Management System: 

1. From the Content Manager tab, select the titles:

  • Entire catalog: Click Select All
  • Filtered list: Select a filter and then click Select All
  • Individual titles: Click the field next to each title

      A check mark will appear next to the titles selected to export.

2.  Under Export Selected, click Export Content Details.

3.  Access the file in your downloaded files.

  • Direct Watch Link: View a title directly
  • HTML Code: Place title link into a content management or blackboard system
  • Poster Art Link:  Add the title's poster/image to your content management system, along with the Direct Watch Link, making the link stylish