Usage Data Export Format

What is the format for usage data exported by Digital Campus?


Digital Campus Administrators can export usage data for their site. For more information please review the following article. Data is exported into one of two different CSV formats.

There are two supported output formats for usage data

Monthly Usage Data Format

Raw Usage Data Format

Monthly Usage Data Format

Field Name



The field contains the name of the title of the content.

Content ProviderSwank Motion Pictures Inc.
PlatformDigital Campus

Reporting Period Total

The number of playbacks for this title during the entire reporting period

Month 1 .. nA separate column for each month during the reporting period. For each month, the number will represent the number of playbacks during that month.

Raw Usage Data Format

Field Name



This field is only provided currently when the event is a Play, PlayComplete or Title Click. The field contains the name of the title of the content.


Type of Usage Data collected. Valid values include:

Action TypeDescription
Browse Viewoccurs when the browse view or main catalog page is loaded
Filter Categoryoccurs when the user filters the view to a specific category
Load Pageoccurs when the catalog page is loaded
Grid View

occurs when the catalog page is viewed in Grid mode. This can occur either because a filter has been applied to the view or because there is only a single category for all content

Title Startedoccurs when a title is played (started)
Title Playedoccurs when a title is played to 90% of its final length. This is not a definitive confirmation that someone completed watching a title, but only that they completed watching at least 90% of the title length. If a user were to fast forward a video to past the 90% mark, this event is still raised.
Title Selectedoccurs when a user selects a title and is looking at the synopsis, poster art and runtime for a film
TV Viewoccurs when a TV series is viewed
View Recently Watchedoccurs when a user select the recently watched button

Event Month

The calendar month of the event

Event DateThe date of the event
Event TimeThe time of the event
Device TypeA field which summarized the User Agent into one of 3 values : PC, Android or IOS. This field is provided for convenience.

IP Address

The IP address of the device used which caused the event

Browser User Agent

The full browser user agent for the device that is interacting with the catalog

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