Category Manager - Streaming Server

Titles in the Content Catalog may be viewed by category, which makes it easy to browse the library. As an Admin, you have the option of enabling automatic categories and creating custom categories. To get started, view this 3-minute tutorial or follow the steps below.

Automatic categories

Browsing the Content Library is easy when you enable any of the following automatic categories:

  1. Auto-Categorize on Ingest - When On is selected, new titles will be placed in a category that matches the title's genre (assigned by Swank) when it is uploaded. If no category exists for a genre, one will be created. You may also edit the category names. When Off is selected, new titles are placed in a default category. The default category may be renamed, and titles may be assigned or removed from the category.
  2. Recently Added Category - When On is selected, the category is added to the Content Catalog to highlight new titles which have been added within the last 30 days. When Off is selected, the Recently Added category will not be displayed.

When the Category display is selected and the automatic categories are enabled, they appear in the Content Catalog. There's also a convenient Category filter which will display only titles within a category when a category is selected.

Create a custom category

  1. From the Category Manager menu, click the Add Category button

2. Enter a name for the category

3. Follow the instructions to Assign titles to categories or click the Save button to assign titles to this category later. Once the category is saved, it will be added to the end of the Category Manager list, which means it will appear at the bottom of the Content Catalog. To rearrange the order of the categories in the website, follow the instructions to Organize categories. 

 Assign titles to categories

  1. In the Category Manager, click the Edit button of the category. If you just added a new category, go to the next step.


      2.  Search for the title and click the Assigned field. A checkmark will appear, which assigns the title to the category. 


      3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page. 

  • Titles must be assigned to at least one category
  • Titles may have multiple categories
  • A category does not require titles be assigned. If the category does not have any titles assigned, the category will not appear on the site
  • If all content is assigned to a single category, then no category will be displayed  

Edit titles within categories

Easily edit the titles within a category using the Category Manager. To edit categories by title, go to the Content Manager.

  1. In the Category Manager, click the Edit button next to the category. 

2. Click the Assigned header to sort the title list by the assigned titles.

3. To remove a title from the category, uncheck the Assigned field. To add titles to the category, check the field.

Total Assigned for Television Series

When assigning television shows to a category, all of the episodes in the series will be included. The total under "Titles Assigned" will reflect one title for the entire series.

Edit category names

  1. In the Category Manager, click the Edit button of the category.

2. Type your changes in the Category Name field and click Save at the bottom of the page.

Organize categories 

When viewing titles in the Content Catalog in Category view, all of the categories in the Category Manager will appear in the order you designate. Categories at the top of the list will appear at the top of the Content Catalog. If you have chosen to enable Recently Watched and Recently Added categories, these categories will always appear at the top of the portal and you may organize the remaining categories in the list.

  1. From the Category Manager page, click the icon next to the title and drag the category to the desired location to specify the order

      2. Click Save at the bottom of the page.