Streaming Server Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following document answers your questions. If you need further assistance, please contact your organization's movie coordinator.

How do I know the movies will play on my computer? 

Please refer to the System Requirements and Supported Browsers detailed below. 

What are the system requirements?

Which Internet browsers may I use?

 Can I view the movies on a mobile device?

Yes, the streaming server supports devices the following operating systems and browsers. 

After June 2021, the Swank Media Player app will no longer be necessary, and you may view the movies on your phone or iPad directly in any supported internet browser. The app is not required for Android devices.

You should be prompted to download the Swank Media Player app after selecting a title on the streaming server. You may also start by downloading the app following the steps below.

1. Download the "Swank Media Player" app in Apple iTunes or Google Play Store

2. When you see this message, open the internet browser on your mobile device and type in your organization's movie URL. For a list of supported browsers, click here.


3. When the Content Catalog appears, you may search for movies by clicking the box with the three lines at the top of the screen or by clicking the arrows to move left or right


If you click the search box, click on any category shown, enter a title in the Search box or click Category to display more options

4. To watch a title, click the title's picture then click the play button

5. Click Open to launch the video player

6. On the Watch page, click the icon shown below to change the audio language or add subtitles by clicking on the words


7. Click Done when you are finished viewing a title

Can I pause or exit the movie screen and return to finish it later?

Yes, you may pause or stop a movie and finish it later. We will remember your place so you can easily pick up where you left off. 

Do the movies have closed captions?

In web-based platforms like the Swank streaming server, subtitles are utilized in the same way as closed captions are used on television. To view subtitles, click the three dots on the bottom, right-hand corner of the player.

What accessibility features are available?

We recommend using Google ChromeVox screen reader. In addition, subtitles and audio tracks in many languages are easily accessed on the video player. 

Why does the movie freeze while playing?

There may be a poor network connection. Try playing the movie in a different internet browser, computer or try a mobile device. 

Who do I contact if I need more help?

For technical assistance, please contact your IT staff. For questions regarding the movies, contact your organization's movie coordinator.