Portal Settings for Site Creators

The 2020 UI/UX refresh project changed how settings are managed in the site admin. The classic UI had a series of toggle switches where you could turn on or off a feature. The new UI changes this paradigm to a listing of keys and type-specific values. In order to assist site creators and sys admins with locating the correct portal settings, the following list is supplied to map classic UI site feature toggle switches to new UI portal settings keys.

Classic UI site featureNew UI portal settings keyTypeNotes
Disable mobile playbackDisableMobilePlaybackboolean
Editable profile informationEnableEditProfileboolean
Email notificationsShowEmailNotificationsAdminboolean
Force Android mobile app playbackForceAndroidMobileAppPlaybackboolean
Forgot your passwordEnableForgotPasswordboolean
Header description textShowHeaderDescriptionTextboolean
License datesShowLicenseDatesboolean
LMS barn/an/a
MARC recordsEnableMarcRecordboolean
Powered by Swank text in footern/an/a
Recently added categoryShowRecentlyAddedCategoryboolean
Recently watched categoryShowRecentlyWatchedCategoryboolean
Single sign-onn/an/aAuthentication methods are configured on the Admin > Authentication screen
Single sign-on SAMLn/an/aAuthentication methods are configured on the Admin > Authentication screen
Student instructor login dialogShowStudentInstructorLoginDialogboolean
Title requestsEnableTitleRequestsboolean
Watch links buttonShowWatchLinksButtonboolean