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I can't get movies to play in Google Chrome.  What should I do?


The Widevine Content Decryption Module is not enabled or is out-of-date.

Follow these steps to update the WidevineCdm component. Note: Anti-virus and/or firewall software can prevent the component from updating successfully. Please disable your anti-virus and/or firewall temporarily before checking for an update. Once the component has been updated, re-enable your security software.

  1. In a new tab, go to chrome://components using the Chrome address bar. 
  2. Find the "WidevineCdm" component and click the "Check for update" button to update the component.
  3. Once you see "Status - Component Updated", refresh this page.

If updating the WidevineCdm component did not resolve the issue, follow these steps to enable the Widevine Content Decryption Module plugin.

  1. In a new tab, go to chrome://plugins using the Chrome address bar. 
  2. Locate the "Widevine Content Decryption Module" plugin. Select "Enable". If you do not see "Enable", check the box next to "Always allowed to run".
  3. Once the plugin is enabled, refresh this page.

Use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari (on Mac).  More recent versions of Firefox and Edge do not support the Google Widevine Plugin.  Swank Motion Pictures streaming products require Digital Rights Management plugins for secure playing of Hollywood content.

Use the following table to find an OS and browser combination that is supported.

* - Requires installation of app.

** - Requires flash and Google Widevine Optimizer


Classic Widevine


Widevine CENC


Android 4.3+ChromeNoYes*
Android 3.0 to 4.2Chrome (or stock browser)Yes*No
OS X x64ChromeNoYes
OS X x64Safari < v10Yes**No
OS X x64Safari - v10+NoNo
OS X x64Firefox - v.47+NoYes
Windows x64ChromeNoYes
Windows x64Firefox - v.47+NoYes
Windows x64Internet Explorer x64NoNo
Windows x64Internet Explorer x86Yes**No
Windows x86Firefox - v.47+NoYes
Windows x86Internet ExplorerYes**No
Windows x86ChromeNoYes
Windows x86Microsoft Edge


Windows x64Microsoft EdgeNoNo

Every supported browser on a PC (with the exception of Chrome) requires the installation of the Widevine Media Optimizer. An Android app is required on Android and an iOS app is required on iOS.  Users will be prompted through these installations as required.  No pre-installation is required unless the user does not have permissions to install new software.

What are the requirements for playing movies on a mobile device?

To play content on your mobile device, download the video player by searching for "Swank Media Player" in Apple iTunes or Google Play Store. An Android app is required on Android, and an iOS app is required on iOS.  Instructions may be found here:



Android 4.2Stock BrowserYes
Android 3.x+ChromeYes

I am seeing the error "403 Forbidden: Access is denied". How do I resolve this?

Viewing movie content is only allowed for approved IP ranges. If you are seeing this error, it is likely that you are not within one of these approved IP ranges.


  1. Make note of your current IP address
  2. Please contact your IT support staff or your network administrator to review it for possible approval

The login site requires a username and password. Where do I find this information?

RESOLUTION: Contact your site administrator for your credentials.

Note that not all sites require a username and password.  Sites that are on closed networks are not required to turn user authentication on.

The movie is buffering/freezing during playback. How do I resolve this?

This problem may be due to a poor network connection.


  1. Replay the movie using a different browser to see if the playback quality improves
  2. Replay the movie using a different computer to see if the playback quality improves

Why do I need the Google Widevine Media Optimizer?

The Google Widevine Media Optimizer is a technology designed for securely playing back premium video content. It is required for all premium videos on this site.

Why do I need to restart my browser after installing the Widevine Media Optimizer Plugin?

Movie playback requires the Widevine Media Optimizer plugin to be installed. After installation, you must restart your browser in order for the plugin to finish the installation process.


Why do cookies need to be enabled?

We use cookies and local storage to enhance the user experience. It allows us to display recently watched titles and remember your position in a piece of content.


  • Many private browsing modes disable cookies. Disabling the private browsing mode on your browser may enable cookies.
  • Please refer to your browser's help documents for additional instructions on enabling cookies.

I'm getting an error code 513 when trying to play a title. What should I do?

A 513 error can occur in several situations. This error is specific to the Google Widevine Media Optimizer plugin.


  • Ensure that you have the Google Widevine Media Optimizer plugin installed on your browser. Installation instructions are presented on the content page. A browser restart will be required after installation.
  • Google Chrome users: a recent update will disable the plugin by default. Visit chrome://plugins in Chrome's address bar, locate "Widevine Media Optimizer" and enable "Always Allow". Refresh the page once the setting is enabled.
  • If you are still experiencing this error, please contact your IT support staff for further assistance.

I am off campus and I am not able to access the site.  Why?

Access is restricted to users who are on the campus network.  Even if you are on campus, your campus IT can further restrict access by IP ranges.

I have reviewed all of the FAQs and do not see any that address my problem. What should I do?

Contact your IT support staff

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please contact your IT support staff for further assistance.